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Ring Oil at a glance   

Ring Oil comprises experts and managers dedicated to oil and gas assets evaluation, modelling, project startups, exploration, and production. The group currently consists of two companies, Continental Industrial Supply, and Mitro International Ltd, exclusively focused on Turkmenistan’s oil and gas business. The group’s main offices are located in Cyprus and Dubai, where jobs have been created for the company’s main technical and administrative managers and employees.


The client challenge 

Ring Oil approached Seamless Digital with a two-fold challenge: they needed a modern digital logo to reflect their evolving brand identity and a contemporary website to elevate their online presence and streamline the user experience. Every aspect of the website was to reflect Ring Oil’s commitment to growth, innovation, and excellence, with streamlined navigation, an intuitive layout, and an optimized content structure to facilitate easy access to essential information. 


Tapping into our experience in modern digital solutions, we immediately started working on a logo that perfectly captures Ring Oil’s expertise in evaluating and launching successful oil and gas projects. 


The sleek and modern logo combines elements that symbolize precision, innovation, and forward-thinking approaches in the industry. Its dynamic visual elements convey the company’s commitment to excellence and ability to navigate complex projects with agility and fervour. This dedication is further reflected throughout the newly created website, which has a fully responsive design and contemporary aesthetic to improve brand perception, encourage lead generation, and showcase industry expertise.

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