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Mitro International at a glance

Mitro International Limited was established in 2000 to invest in the oil and gas sector of Turkmenistan, particularly in oil and gas prospecting, exploration, and development. Today, as a Cyprus-registered company, Mitro International is a founding member of the Cyprus/Turkmenistan business association under the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and has played an active role in bilateral business relationships between the two countries. The company has also acted as a catalyst in enhancing the relationship between the foreign affairs administrative of both countries.



The client challenge 

Mitro was adamant about upgrading its online presence and contacted Seamless Digital to design a modern website with a corporate look and feel that would best showcase its team, technical solutions, and contact details across its various international offices. 


In just a short period of time, our designers and developers delivered a simple yet effective website with easy navigation that strategically uses bold modern fonts and insightful company images to best showcase Mitro's expertise and experience in the most challenging geological circumstances. Paying close attention to the company’s needs and feedback along the way, we successfully met and exceeded the client's expectations.


The new contemporary digital platform not only reflects Mitro’s professionalism in today’s modern era but is also a testament to unparalleled proficiency in the most demanding environments.

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