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Predicting user behaviour to increase sales automatically


The radical growth of the field of AI could be used to understand customers on an unprecedented level.  Digital footprints, account for a large amount of data, which if utilised properly can reveal hidden patterns about individuals visiting your website. These patterns or customer behaviour can be exploited to make predictions about the needs of each customer to both make their experience better and maximise profit at the same time. Marketing schemes like loyalty cards provide detailed information about clientele on an individual level. Using the knowledge extracted from sources like this can be proven essential in planning and executing  users’ virtual and physical experiences. For instance, a supermarket can place products in specific areas indicated by data. Furthermore, promotions can be tailored to each customer to increase the probability of returning to your webpage or physical store. Stores can determine prices according to their customers’ spending potential as well as estimates of sales and thus optimise the efficiency of their businesses. All of these are now more  feasible than ever with the use of AI.



  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Author:
    Alexandros Zenonos, phd - AI

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